About Todd Womack

Todd Womack has over 24 years of real estate experience in a wide range of residential and commercial areas. Todd is currently a licensed salesman and REALTOR®, and was formerly a licensed Real Estate Broker and Commercial Property Manager for over 10 years in Texas. Todd held the CPM® designation (Certified Property Manager) as awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management, and has organized and operated companies dealing with all aspects of commercial, residential and multi-family projects. Todd holds an Economics degree from University of Texas at Austin. Todd also works as a consultant for commercial development Project Management and Construction coordination. He competitively bids and hires all Architectural, Engineering, Surveying, Geotechnical and Environmental, Material Testing consultants, selects and administrates the General Contractors for the commercial projects. Todd has previously developed from the ground up, built and managed commercial retail and multi-family projects across the Midwest and central US, as well as a multitude of retail projects in the Southern and central United States. Todd also works as a consultant for a Houston based medical office building and surgical center, coordinating project leasing, property management, and construction management. He has years of experience in Office leasing in the DFW and Houston markets. Todd has extensive knowledge and expertise in residential home building, remodeling, and property management, and has built, remodeled and managed properties in Texas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. He has managed student and traditional multi-family communities, as well as Home Owners Associations.