Grade 1-6 Tuition



MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission at DeSoto Private School is to provide each child with a strong educational foundation enriched with the values of citizenship, discipline, respect, and love so that they may successfully fulfill their life-long learning goals with commitment, self-confidence, and pride.

VISION STATEMENT: DeSoto Private School has a passionate commitment to fostering and promoting the academic, social, and emotional growth of each child by providing an educational experience enhanced with opportunities for character development, leadership, teamwork, and discovery. Our staff celebrates the unique talents and gifts of each child that walks through our doors, and we endeavor to be sensitive to the needs of each special family. Through our guidance, understanding, and discipline, we strive to encourage feelings of self worth and personal dignity in all our students so that this positive spirit may ensure them a bright future.

ADMISSIONS PROCESS: The admissions process seeks to identify for acceptance those students who are capable of undertaking and fulfilling the school’s scholastic requirements. Although the testing program is an integral part of the admissions process, evidence of personal motivation, past scholastic performance, and the admissions interview are considerations for acceptance


1. Previous records – reflecting academic potential and performance, attendance patterns, and student discipline history.
2. Achievement test scores – demonstrating grade level capability.
3. Testing for students entering Gr. 1 – 6.
4. Family/student interview.


1. Submit a completed Application for Admission.
2. Submit a nonrefundable $25 application fee.
3. Include a copy of academic transcript or grade report from present or previous semester (or complete enclosed Record Release and Transcript Request).
4. Teacher Evaluation form, if available (see attached).
5. Attend Scheduled Orientation Meeting.
6. Complete testing session of approximately two hours and/or present a copy of nationally normed standardized test results from the previous semester showing acceptable scores.

TESTING SESSIONS: Primary Testing dates for 2012-2013 year will be set for each applying student. Evaluation of students applying for 3 and 4 year old preschool and Kindergarten takes place during the family interview.

NOTIFICATION: The Admissions Office will review your child’s application and recommend one of three actions:
1. Accept the student, in which case an acceptance letter goes out immediately with a deadline for enrollment and pertinent information.

2. Candidates and parents will be notified that they have been placed on a waiting list. They will be contacted promptly if an opening becomes available

3. Reject the applicant for academic reasons, in which case a letter is mailed to the parents immediately.

Within one week after completion of the application process, including the testing and family interview, applicants will be notified by mail of the admissions decision.

TUITION PLANS: There are two tuition payment plans available. You may choose one of the two plans.

 YOU PAY FOR ONLY ONE OF THE PLANS (Monthly or Weekly).  

(1)  WEEKLY *

*This fee is for students who attend EDUCATIONAL CLASSES and remain for After School Care. Children may be dropped off as early as 6:30am and remain as late as 6:00pm.

Accounts must be current by Monday of each week. A late fee will be assessed when payment is not received by 6:00 p.m. on Monday. Students may be dropped from rolls when account is two weeks in arrears.


1st Grade

1 child . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$160.00 (weekly)

2 children . . . . . . . . .. . .. .. .$295.00 (weekly)


2nd through 6th Grades

1 child . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$165.00 (weekly)

2 children . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ..$295.00 (weekly)




* This fee is for students who attend EDUCATIONAL CLASSES ONLY (no after school care).

Educational Class Times:

1st & 2nd Grades           8:00am-3:30pm

3rd through 6th Grades   8:00am-3:50pm

Payment must be received on the first school day of each month. A late fee will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Students whose accounts are not current by the end of the month may be dropped from the class roll.

Educational classes only with no daycare in the afternoon is $625.00 in ten payments (Sept. – May). August tuition is 1/2 of the tuition, which is $312.50. Each payment is due the first school day of each month.


Enrollment Fee is $85.00 when reserving position.

Book & Technology Fee is $150.00 each semester (Aug. & Jan.)

Achievement Testing Fee is $25.00.


BREAKFAST: Breakfast is served until 7:40am for $2.00 cash.

LUNCH: Students may purchase a hot lunch for $2.50 or a sack lunch may be brought from home.

STUDENT UNIFORMS: IMPORTANT!!! The school uniform must be
purchased directly through Mills Uniform Company. A complete price list identifying required and optional items is provided at the orientation or the front office for current students.